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wild boar hunting
According to bowhunter Chuck Adams for the money hog hunting is prbably the most thrilling hunt a hunter can experience.

Since most states allow you to hog hunt year round and if you don't have anything to hunt in your home state you can travel to another state for some hog hunting. During a relatively dry summer, a hog hunter headed to the swamp because the number of wallow holes should be limited to the swamp areas. On the first day out hog hunting the temperature reached a balmy 90 degrees. The hog hunter couldn't help to sweat like a pig as he climbed into his tree stand. With no apparent wind he could only hope the hogs desire for shelled corn would overtake any foreign odors. Maybe, just his Scent-Lok suit would prove itself.

After only one hour in the tree stand he heard a crunching sound to his backside. Two does were feeding his way toward the bait. As they passed by him at 15 yards he realized his scent was not going to be a problem. Since he did not want the deer to eat all the corn he snorted at them and they rapidly exited the area. Another hour went by and he saw some water start to ripple in the nearby channel. Right away he thought of alligators, but soon found that he had otters in the area.

hog meat
The thing most hog hunters look forward to while hog hunting is have a barbecue with their hog meat.

As the otter swam by an unmistakable oink, oink sound was coming behind me in the palmetto bushes. Suddenly, a scattering of little striped piglets were all around him. The sow then came out of the palmetto and started to feast on the shelled corn with her six piglets. The two red and four black colored striped piglets were no more than two weeks old, so he got the video camera out and filmed them directly below him. All of them were munching down on the corn when three much bigger boars entered the bait. As he put the video camera down he grabbed his bow and nocked an arrow. Even though he made some inadvertent sounds, they were all more interested in the corn. At 17 yards, he was starting to think about his "already planned" hog barbecue.

As he slowly drew the bow, locked in the kisser button at the corner of his mouth and let the 125-grain broadhead fly, his bow string inadvertently hit his hog grunt call's lanyard. As the hog call exploded into three parts, his neck felt as if someone just tried to rip a noose off around his neck. Needless to say the hogs disappeared in short order and the arrow flew at least two feet over his intended target. Although he did not see any more hogs, he spent most of my time trying to keep the deer away from the corn. At this point, all he could do was wish for the deer season!


With no meat for his barbecue this hog hunger decided to venture up to a hog hunting preserve in Pennsylvania with some other hog hunters. Although preserves may not constitute a real hog hunt to many hog hunters, the main objective was simply to take some hog meat home. Hopefully, the barbecue would have some hog meat instead of plain old hamburgers. If you have never eaten wild boar before there is simply no better table-fare than a medium-sized wild hog.

hog hunting guide
Some hog hunters prefer to use a hunting guide when hog hunting to have assistance on locating hogs.

As the hog hunters entered the 1,500 acre enclosure their anticipation grew when they saw that a handicapped hog hunter just harvested a 250 pound boar with his crossbow. In addition to handicapped hunters, this hunting preserve also caters to many young hunters who have never taken any big game animals. Their hunting guide tried to calm them down and suggested that they go into another area and set up as he tried to push some hogs in their direction. Since one of the hog hunters was filming the hunt, they set up behind a large pine.

Just when they thought nothing was coming their way a boar came directly toward them. Since all pigs have terrible eye sight, the boar had no idea they were there. While one of the hog hunters got ready, his heart rate must have went into overdrive because he shot an arrow directly over the hog's shoulder at 18 yards. As the hog kicked it in high gear their hunting guide sprinted over the hill to cut the animal off. After 10 minutes the boar started back up the hill and ran by them, but just out of range.

Hog hunters get a huge rush after a long day of hog hunting and they get to go home with hog meat.

For the next hour they tried to locate this boar with various sightings, but no shooting opportunities. They were starting to tire out when their hunting guide set

them up along another well used trail. As he started to make another push the boar suddenly appeared along the crest of the hill and presented one of the hog hunters with a broadside shot at 15 yards. Even though his heart was beating like a drum, his broadhead and bow combination worked like clockwork. The boar only ran 35 yards away and collapsed in his tracks. The hog hunters finally calmed down and cautiously approached the hog. The double lung shot proved to be a perfect shot and thoughts of their hog barbecue started to become reality.

Their hunting guide finally caught up to them and smiled. The hog hunter shot his first boar which weighed in at respectable 225 pounds. As their hunting guide field dressed the boar they headed back to the club house and relaxed with a home cooked meal of buffalo meat the cooks had prepared for them. Their hunting guide then skinned and quartered the hog and packed it into coolers for their ride home.


It only took one month for their barbecue to materialize and inspire them to once again return to hog country. The hog meat was some of the best meat a lot of their non-hunting and hunting friends had ever eaten. Many stated that if they had the chance to shoot a deer or hog, simply for the meat they would choose the hog. Hog hunting sure isn't "boaring" and the meat is delicious!



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